Bán căn hộ chung cư Sunshine Riverside
Apartments for sale in Sunshine Riverside

Information about Sunshine Riverside Apartment for Sale

Sunshine Riverside Apartment is located within the overall planning of the Nam Thang Long – Ciputra Urban Area, with the developer being a rising name in the real estate market – Sunshine Group. Sunshine Riverside is situated in a location considered to be the ancient spiritual land of the capital city. The project consists of a complex of high-rise apartment buildings along with various amenities, commercial services, and lush green landscapes, offering an incredibly beautiful panoramic view. It overlooks the romantic West Lake area, the historic Red River, and the sparkling Nhat Tan Bridge with its unique colors, creating an open, airy, and refreshing space.

Impressive Apartment Design Style

At Sunshine Riverside, each apartment leaves a strong impression with its unique design, bringing a luxurious European-style charm. This distinctive architecture not only stands the test of time but also fully meets the demands of owning a high-end product, while showcasing the individual style of each owner. The apartments at Sunshine Riverside have truly won over customers by featuring modern and convenient interior furnishings, including crystal chandeliers, Downlight LED ceiling lights, moisture-resistant wooden kitchen and lavatory cabinets, toughened glass induction cooktops, and more. Notably, these products come from renowned brands such as Philips, Nesta, Hafele, and others.

The combination of luxurious and sophisticated design with premium imported furniture has created a unique highlight for the upscale apartments at Sunshine Riverside. This is also the reason why these apartments attract the attention of the super-rich community, making it an ideal residence for business tycoons, celebrities, and influential individuals.

bán căn hộ chung cư Sunshine Riverside

Facilities at Sunshine Riverside Apartment

When purchasing an apartment at Sunshine Riverside, you will have access to a diverse range of amenities and services that fully cater to the modern living needs of residents. Here, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, indulge in shopping at the shopping center, relax with a cup of delicious coffee at the café and restaurant chain, participate in gym, yoga, and fitness classes to maintain your health, or enjoy recreational spaces for children.

One particularly unique highlight at Sunshine Riverside is the presence of a 5-star international standard school within the project’s premises. This maximizes the educational and developmental needs of the younger generation, a strength that not every project can offer.

Highly Attractive Pricing

The price range for Sunshine Riverside apartment units is from 45 to 55 million VND per square meter.

Apartment Type Pricing 2 Bedrooms 3 – 4 billion VND 3 Bedrooms 4.5 – 8 billion VND

Moreover, Sunshine Group has introduced a series of very favorable policies:

  • 0% interest support for 10 months, with a 50% loan-to-value ratio;
  • A 6% discount on the contract value for standard apartments, 5% for penthouses when paying 95% of the equity upfront;
  • A 3% discount on the contract value when signing a sales contract for customers paying with their own funds, and a housewarming gift worth up to 200 million VND (not applicable to penthouses)…

The above is the information about the sale of Sunshine Riverside apartments that we would like to provide. If you have any questions, please contact:

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