Villas for rent in Kita Capital Ciputra

Kita Capital: a comprehensive project featuring apartments, low-rise housing, and premium offices, is the result of investment from the Kita Group. With an incredibly strategic location, the project is situated in one of the best urban areas in Hanoi – the Ciputra area. It enjoys comprehensive benefits from the outstanding amenities of the Ciputra urban area and leverages a modern transportation system, making it easy to access all corners of the city. The villas at Kita Capital Ciputra are attracting a lot of attention from potential buyers. In the following article, we will delve further into the details of the villas available at Kita Capital Ciputra.

The overview of villas for rent in Kita Capital Ciputra

The Kita Capital Ciputra project is planned on a vast 18.8-hectare piece of land within the heart of the Ciputra urban area. It was initially designed to include a total of 383 detached villas, semi-detached villas, and townhouses. All of these villas are constructed with the refined lines of classical European architecture while incorporating modern elements. Kita Capital Ciputra is not just a residential project; it is a premium living space complex designed to meet the diverse needs of customers. The unique beauty and functional design of European-inspired villas and townhouses will create a warm and comfortable living environment.


Kita Capital not only enjoys the sophistication of living in the Ciputra urban area but also fully benefits from a modern amenities system. Here, there is an integrated school system, Hanoi Academy, one of the rare bilingual schools in Hanoi, providing children with a world-class international learning environment. Kita Capital Ciputra is also adorned with an international standard golf course, where lush green fairways create a serene and elegant atmosphere. The Spa center and state-of-the-art gym facilities offer residents moments of relaxation and perfect health.

Surrounded by 77 hectares of greenery and water bodies, Ciputra demonstrates a special commitment to the living environment, creating an endless green ecosystem – one of the largest green urban areas in Vietnam with an ideal green space. Residents at Kita Capital Ciputra not only live in a secure environment with 24/7 security services but also have access to convenient family clinics and modern supporting infrastructure – all of which create a European royal lifestyle in the heart of Hanoi, the capital city.

Information for villas for rent in Kita Capita Ciputra

The villas at Kita Capital Ciputra Hanoi project have been divided into three distinct zones, each carrying its uniqueness and style. Zone A consists of 52 semi-detached villas, with diverse areas ranging from 140 – 270 square meters, creating flexible and comfortable living spaces. Zone B currently offers 23 semi-detached villas, with areas ranging from 140 – 215 square meters, providing a variety of choices and lifestyles. Zone C is home to 6 detached villas, with spacious areas ranging from 319 – 419 square meters, offering refined and luxurious living spaces. These villas are strategically located with frontage on wide streets, creating open and airy environments. Currently, the expected rental prices are highly competitive due to the top-notch amenities and convenient living at Kita Capital Ciputra.


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