Heritage West Lake Apartments – An Architectural Masterpiece by West Lake

Heritage West Lake is the result of a collaboration between the two real estate moguls, the Singaporean CapitaLand and Hien Duc Group developers. As CapitaLand’s first luxury project in Hanoi, Heritage West Lake inherits the exquisite beauty and utmost extravagance of the thousand-year-old Capital of Van Hien, offering 173 high-end apartments and a top-notch amenities system to the market.
Dự án Heritage West Lake Tây Hồ

  • Overview of the Heritage West Lake Project

    • Project Name: Heritage West Lake
    • Location: 679 Lac Long Quan, Phu Thượng Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
    • Scale: 3 buildings, including 1 office building; 1 officetel; 1 long-term ownership apartment
    • Product Offerings: 173 units (including penthouses and duplexes)
    • Unit Types: 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, Duplex, Penthouse
    • Outstanding Facilities: Enchanted garden on the 1st floor; infinity hot water swimming pool on the 25th floor, complimentary for life
    • Total Land Area: 8,970 square meters
    • Total Floor Area: 121,913 square meters
    • Handover Standard: High-quality built-in furniture with a 6-star rating
    • Official Distributor: Tan Long Land


Vị trí Heritage West Lake
Heritage West Lake Apartments boast an incredibly valuable location at 679 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. This real estate project is situated in the Xuan La and Phu Thuong wards, making it exceptionally convenient to connect to various entertainment spots and key areas of the city. Nestled in the region of Tay Ho, known for its “auspicious geographical location,” with a rare feng shui setting, future residents of Heritage will receive all the positive energy that brings health and prosperity.


From the location of the Heritage West Lake project, it is easy to access key points in the area:

  • 1 minute to an international standard kindergarten
  • 2 minutes to West Lake
  • 3 minutes to Lotte Võ Chí Công
  • 5 minutes to the National Heart Institute
  • 7 minutes to the Korean Embassy
  • 25 minutes to Noi Bai International Airport
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Miền đất thần thoại

Phối cảnh Heritage West Lake


As a 6-star luxury apartment complex, Capitaland Vietnam has introduced 45 premium amenities and professional services for residents at the Heritage West Lake project, operated and managed by The Ascott Limited along with the Somerset Regency brand.

These upscale amenities at Heritage West Lake include a modern gym, four-season outdoor swimming pool, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, and a range of 6-star services such as professional concierge, security, 24/7 surveillance cameras, car booking services, laundry service, and spa services. They promise to provide affluent residents with a luxurious and fully-equipped living experience.


Ground Floor Amenities

  • Main Gate 
  • Security Station 
  • Guest Lobby 
  • Ecological Fence 
  • Daytime Parking Lot Bicycle 
  • Parking Area 
  • Sculpture of Fairy Birds 
  • Enchanted Labyrinth Resting 
  • Pavilion Legendary 
  • West Lake 
  • Treehouse 
  • Source Cave 
  • Mythological Sculpture Garden 
  • Fairyland Area 
  • Hundred-Egg Garden 
  • Hill of Colors
  • Enchanted Playground 
  • Tropical Promenade 
  • Hippopotamus Walkway 
  • Whale Sculpture 
  • Tiffany Tower Grand Hall 
  • Reception Lobby 
  • Concierge Desk 
  • Mythological Staircase
  • Smart Mailroom 
  • Elevator Lobby 
  • Luxurious Resident Waiting Room 
  • Premium Fitness Center 
  • Indoor Children’s Play Area 
  • Magical Hot Air Balloon 
  • Royal Castle 
  • Emergency Escape Area

25th Floor Amenities

  • Four-Season Cave Pool
  • Four-Season 
  • Cloud Feet Pool 
  • Jacuzzi and Overflowing Waterfall 
  • Vertical Garden Sunbathing Area 
  • Small Star Pool 
  • Changing Rooms 
  • High Bar BBQ Garden 
  • Herb Garden High-level 
  • Banquet Room with Bar and Cigar Lounge 
  • Multipurpose Banquet Hall

The Advantages of Heritage West Lake

  • 100% of apartments have private elevators.
  • 100% of apartments have a view of West Lake.
  • 100% of apartments are managed and operated by a leading hotel management company.
  • 100% of apartments have 2-3 open sides for natural ventilation.
  • 100% of apartments have guaranteed parking for more than 1 vehicle.
  • 100% of apartments are furnished with world-class luxury furniture.

Design layout – Masterplan

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