Legal Documentation of Skyline West Lake Project – Transparent “Travel Permit”

Legal Documentation of Skyline West Lake Project – Transparent “Travel Permit”

The legal documentation of the project is considered the “travel permit” for this project. It is always the top concern of buyers to avoid cases of “ghost” projects or those abandoned halfway through construction. So, with the Skyline West Lake project, let’s join Tan Long Land to find out if the project’s legal documentation is complete, shall we?

Pháp lý dự án Skyline West Lake

Detailed Information on the Legal Documentation of the Skyline West Lake project

The legal framework of a project encompasses all the documents and records that the project must adhere to as per legal regulations. These documents and procedures are indispensable at every project stage, from its inception, planning, and implementation to completion.

Important legal documents include the 1/500 Detailed Planning Approval Decision, Construction Permit, Land Use Rights Certificate, and others. These are procedural steps that a project must navigate to ensure its legality and compliance with the law. These processes typically accompany the project throughout its planning, execution, and completion phases.

In the case of the Skyline West Lake project, its credibility comes not only from the developer Nam Hưng, but also from the design and construction unit CENTRAL. The project is currently in the construction phase up to the 3rd floor and ensures compliance with transparent permits, including:

  • Construction Permit
  • Investment approval decision for the project
  • House Ownership Certificate

Pháp lý dự án Skyline West Lake

The Skyline West Lake project provides all the essential documentation required for a project to be legally allowed for sale. Furthermore, if you wish, you can visit the building directly to verify the legal status of the project’s documents (*Note: Photography/videography of documents is not permitted).
For more detailed information about the Skyline West Lake project, please contact Tan Long Land through the following methods:

  • Website:
  • Hotline: 0989.734.734
  • Address: 39B Xuan Dieu street, Quang An ward, Tay Ho district – Hanoi

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