Kita Capital, a prestigious development by Kita Group, encompasses a blend of luxurious apartments, low-rise residences, and high-end offices. Nestled in the heart of one of Hanoi’s most desirable urban communities, Ciputra, it enjoys a prime location. Kita Capital inherits the top-notch amenities of Ciputra, scoring a perfect 10, and boasts excellent connectivity to all parts of the city through its convenient transportation network. Let’s explore the details of villas for sale at Kita Capital Ciputra in the following article.


The Kita Capital Ciputra project is a vast development sprawling across an area of 18.8 hectares, comprising a total of 383 standalone, semi-detached, and townhouse villas. All of these villas are constructed with the elegance of European architecture, carrying distinct characteristics and unique styles. Additionally, the project includes 6 luxurious condominium towers, each soaring to a height of 40 stories, along with 2 versatile Officetel building blocks.

Kita Capital Ciputra is more than just a project; it is a prestigious residential complex designed to cater to a diverse range of customer needs. The villas and townhouses, with their unique and European-inspired design, create a warm and comfortable living space. Meanwhile, the 6 premium condominium towers stand proudly in the sky, offering sweeping panoramic views and adding exquisite details to the overall architectural landscape. Furthermore, the 2 Officetel blocks demonstrate a commitment to providing diverse workspace options.


  • Project Name: Kita Capital
  • Project Location: Ciputra Urban Area, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City
  • Developer: Kita Group
  • Project Scale: 19 hectares, including both high-rise and low-rise areas
  • Villa Sizes: 140 – 147 – 180 square meters
  • Villa Design: 1 basement, 3 floors, 1 attic
  • Frontage Length: 7m and 9m

Kita Capital Ciputra is a prominent development project located in the Ciputra Urban Area, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City. Spanning over 19 hectares, the project encompasses both high-rise and low-rise structures. The villas within the project come in various sizes, ranging from 140 to 180 square meters, and feature a design that includes 1 basement, 3 floors, and 1 attic. The frontage of the villas is either 7 meters or 9 meters, offering a diverse range of options for potential homeowners.


Kita Capital is situated within the heart of the Ciputra urban area, renowned for its upscale lifestyle, and it enjoys the full spectrum of amenities that this urban area offers. Kita Capital not only inherits the sophistication of its surroundings but also embraces a comprehensive modern amenities system. The project includes the Hanoi Academy, a prestigious bilingual school, providing residents with a world-class international education environment. Kita Capital Ciputra is adorned with an international standard golf course, where lush green fairways create a serene and elegant space. Modernly equipped spas and gyms offer residents moments of relaxation and perfect health.

Kita Capital Ciputra is not just a place to live; it represents an exceptional lifestyle. Surrounded by 77 hectares of greenery and lakes, Ciputra demonstrates a special concern for the living environment, creating an endless green ecosystem – one of the largest green spaces in Vietnam, offering an ideal green living space. Residents at Kita Capital Ciputra not only live in a 24/7 security environment but also have access to convenient family clinics, personal waste disposal systems, and smart home services easily controlled through mobile devices – all contributing to a European royal lifestyle in the heart of Hanoi.


The villas in Kita Capital Ciputra Hanoi have been divided into three distinct zones, each with its own uniqueness and style. Zone A comprises 52 semi-detached villas, with diverse sizes ranging from 140 to 270 square meters, creating a flexible and comfortable living space. Zone B features 23 semi-detached villas, ranging from 140 to 215 square meters, offering a wide range of choices and lifestyles.

Zone C is home to 6 detached villas, with spacious areas ranging from 319 to 419 square meters, providing an exquisite and luxurious living space. These villas are positioned with wide road frontages, creating an open and airy atmosphere. Among them, Villa 5A, with an area of 149.65 square meters, a 7-meter road frontage, and a 17.5-meter street frontage, is an ideal choice for those seeking compact and convenient living. Villa 5B, with an area of 140 square meters, a 7-meter road frontage, and a 17.5-meter street frontage, offers both beauty and perfect convenience. Meanwhile, Villa 5C, ranging from 311 to 419 square meters, with a 12-meter road frontage and a 21.5-meter street frontage, epitomizes luxury and class.


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