Overview of the Skyline Westlake Vo Chi Cong Project

The Skyline West Lake Vo Chi Cong project is a versatile development encompassing offices, hotels, and luxury apartments, led by Nam Hung Corporation as the primary investor. Positioned at a prime location along Võ Chí Công Street, in the Tây Hồ district, this project holds a strategic position

The Skyline Westlake Vo Chi Cong Project – Latest Updated Detailed Information

The Skyline West Lake apartment complex is constructed on a large land area, spanning 3626.8 square meters, comprising a total of 356 units. Among these, there are 150 commercial units, 56 units designated for leasing purposes, and 150 hotel rooms and serviced apartments, meeting 5-star standards. This diverse real estate project promises a range of amenities and choices for residents and tourists alike. With this project, the investors aim to create an entirely new, luxurious space that reflects the utmost sophistication and highest standards in Hanoi

The “Golden” location of the Skyline Westlake Vo Chi Cong Project


The Skyline West Lake project is situated on plot HH1 in the D6 area, nestled between Phú Thượng Ward and Xuân La Ward, Tây Hồ District, Hanoi City. With this strategic location, the project holds a prime position at the gateway to the capital city of Hanoi. Residents of this project can easily commute to the city center as well as the surrounding suburban districts swiftly and conveniently. The favorable geographical location also means easy access to numerous amenities and services, making life within the project convenient and desirable.

Skyline West Lake resides within the Peach Garden area and is close to two of the largest urban areas in Hanoi: Ciputra urban area and Lotte Mall. Here, residents have easy access to the cultural, medical, and social heart of Hanoi. Key access points include Noi Bai Airport, Heart Hospital, UNIS International School, embassies, and various other facilities, enhancing the convenience and quality of life within the project.

The Skyline West Lake Vo Chi Cong project is connected to important locations in the area as follows:

  • Distance to Ciputra Urban Area: 1km
  • Distance to Nhật Tân Bridge: 500m
  • Distance to Noi Bai Airport: 18km
  • Distance to West Lake Water Park: 1km
  • Distance to West Lake Flower Valley: 1.5km
  • Distance to Buoi Market: 4km

With such a convenient location, this project facilitates residents’ easy access to amenities and connectivity to other important areas within Hanoi.

The Scale of the Skyline Westlake Vo Chi Cong Project

the Skyline Westlake Vo Chi Cong Project
the Skyline Westlake Vo Chi Cong Project

The Skyline West Lake apartment project comprises 04 basement floors and 27 above-ground floors:

  • Basement floors B1, B2, B3; B1A floor
  • Floors 1 – 3: Commercial spaces, offices, nursery, four-season swimming pool
  • Floors 4 – 13: Luxury apartments: Each floor contains 15 apartments, totaling 150 units; Area ranging from 88 – 132 m² with 2 – 3 bedrooms.
  • Floors 14 – 23: Hotel rooms – serviced apartments; 15 rooms/floor; Total of 150 rooms.
  • Floors 24 – 27: Rental apartments, 14 units/floor; Total of 56 units

The floor plan of the Skyline Westlake apartment complex

The harmony with nature and the incorporation of green space in the design are standout features of this project. The design of the Skyline West Lake apartments has been executed cleverly and delicately to create a gentle and nature-friendly living environment.

Particularly, the utilization of natural light has been smartly implemented, making the living spaces bright and comfortable. The Skyline West Lake apartments are designed in an elegant, sophisticated Singaporean style, offering 2 to 3-bedroom units ranging from 88 to 132 square meters with ceiling heights of around 3 meters.

The overall design of the project embodies modern and luxurious aesthetics while retaining the traditional elements of East Asia. This fusion of modernity and tradition creates a unique and sophisticated living space for residents.

The apartments in the Skyline West Lake project are designed to maximize their beautiful locations, offering views of West Lake and the ability to capture the Southeast breezes. The interior design of these apartments is highly intelligent, comprising living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Each apartment features at least one loggia, with a preference for positioning the loggia in the kitchen area to maximize space and functionality.

The investor has dedicated considerable effort and resources to crafting luxurious and modern interior designs, ensuring that the project’s residents experience a comfortable and upscale lifestyle

Policies and Pricing of the Skyline Westlake Vo Chi Cong Project

The prices for Skyline Westlake apartment units range from a competitive rate starting at 33 million VND/m2 upwards. The project offers a flexible payment policy divided into multiple installments for buyers. For customers with financial needs, the bank provides support for loans up to 70% of the total apartment value at highly favorable interest rates, with a maximum loan term of 20 years

The diverse amenities of the Skyline Westlake apartment

The diverse amenities of the Skyline West Lake apartment complex provide residents with a comfortable and convenient living environment. Some notable facilities may include:

  • Four-season swimming pool: A high-class pool allowing residents to relax and exercise throughout the year.
  • Green park: A communal garden or green space offering relaxation and connection with nature.
  • Gym and spa: Modern facilities for physical exercise and relaxation after busy days.
  • Children’s playground: A safe and enjoyable area designed for children to play and grow.
  • Outdoor BBQ area: Convenient for gatherings, family events, or socializing with friends.
  • Café and restaurant area: Establishments located on the ground floor or within the complex, providing dining and socializing opportunities.
  • Security system: 24/7 security with surveillance cameras, professional security personnel, and access control systems.
  • Public utility area: Facilities such as a supermarket, gym, spa, community center, and other services catering to the residents’ needs within the complex.

These amenities create a comprehensive and convenient living environment, facilitating residents to enjoy their daily lives

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