Service fees for Heritage West Lake Apartments

Service fees for Heritage West Lake apartment

Currently, the real estate market is still very dynamic and bustling thanks to not only the demand for buying and selling Heritage West Lake apartments but also other projects that have increased in price. Therefore, many individuals, not only the residents, have raised questions about what the service fees for Heritage West Lake apartments include and how much they cost. Let’s find out with Tan Long Land.

Service fees for Heritage West Lake apartment
Service fees for Heritage West Lake apartment

What is the apartment service fee?

Before exploring the information about the service fees for the Heritage West Lake apartments, we need to have an answer to the question, what is the service fee? The apartment service fee is a monthly fee that residents must pay to use the common services and facilities in the building. This is an important part of maintaining the smooth operation of everything in the building. This fee includes:

  • Security and Safety: Ensuring that the building is secure and safe is a top priority. Service fees for apartments often include costs related to security and safety, including security personnel salaries and security measures such as surveillance camera systems.
  • Sanitation and Infrastructure Maintenance: To ensure that the building is always clean and that public facilities function well, there needs to be a source of funding for sanitation and maintenance projects.
  • Basic Services: Services such as electricity, water, and elevators are usually included in the apartment service fees. This ensures that residents have a continuous and stable supply of these basic amenities.
  • Management Fees: To keep the building running smoothly and efficiently, there needs to be a management team. This fee usually covers the salaries of the manager and related staff.

These fees can be calculated in various ways, such as by apartment area, the number of occupants, or other factors. In general, residents are required to pay these fees monthly, and detailed information about them is often provided by the building management or management company.

What rights does the apartment management board have? Who elects them?

The types of service fees are usually paid to the apartment management board. So who is included in this apartment management board and who elects them?

The apartment management board is an organization or unit authorized to manage and operate the apartment building, organized according to various models, including self-management, joint-stock company model, or cooperative model. Depending on the organizational model, the Management Board will have corresponding rights and responsibilities.

Residents who use the apartment have the right to participate in the election and dismissal of members of the apartment management board. This process takes place through the Condominium Residents’ Conference and is regulated by the Condominium Management and Use Regulations.

The role of the Condominium Management Board is to manage and supervise the daily operations of the building, ensuring that all common services and facilities are carried out efficiently and fairly. This helps ensure a good and safe living environment for all residents in the apartment.

How much is the service fee for Heritage West Lake apartments?

Service fees for Heritage West Lake apartment
Service fees for Heritage West Lake apartment

The service fee for Heritage West Lake apartments is calculated based on the apartment area and the services provided. 

  • Specifically, the fee is 15,000 VND/m2/month, including services such as cleaning, maintenance, electricity, water, internet, and other support services.
  • In addition, residents are also required to pay a parking fee of 80,000 VND/month for motorbikes and 1,200,000 VND/month for cars. 

These fees are also considered reasonable and competitive compared to other projects in the same segment of the market. Paying these fees is an important part of ensuring that residents here enjoy many quality amenities and services. This fee includes cleaning, maintenance, updating security equipment, and providing electricity, water, internet, and other support services. In addition, motorbike and car parking fees are calculated separately. Paying these fees ensures that residents’ vehicle storage is safer and more convenient.

Currently, Tan Long Land is selling some apartments in the Heritage West Lake project, one of the large real estate projects in the West Lake district. With a prime location in the center of West Lake, along with a variety of amenities and apartment designs with many size options, the reasonable selling price. Heritage West Lake apartment will undoubtedly be an ideal choice for those who are looking for an apartment in this area.

Through this article, Tan Long Land has provided information about how much the service fees for Heritage West Lake apartments are. Let’s explore more aspects of the Heritage West Lake apartments at Tân Long Land.

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